Writing Update: 05 October

So I was all geared up to get this writing train going on Monday and then I got derailed. Yet again I learn the lesson of not checking my email before I plan to write. I got some upsetting news that pretty much ruined my whole day, which meant no writing. Nothing major, but it was enough to put me in a bad mood.

Tuesday I did some browsing through my started stories to see in which direction I wanted to head. I’m taking a break from the SERENITY sequel to get some other stuff finished real quick and then I’ll get back to it. It’s still talking to me, so that’s all good.

– WRITING (03 October): 4600 words on a new story for the Forever Wicked multi-author series at Changeling. The series is retelling classic fairytales with a BDSM theme. Color me surprised. I never figured I would dabble in BDSM, but the story came to me. So I’m going to toss myself in the deep end and see what people think. This will probably be a one time deal, but the muse said frog and I jumped. 😀

– PLOTTING (04 October): Spent a few hours in the early AM — staying up way past my bedtime — hashing through my bounty hunter plot with Flash. She helped me get some of my back story straight and gave me some homework for getting my hero right. One of the things I miss since moving from MD is our brainstorming sessions. We can do them online, but they just aren’t the same as in person.

– WRITING (04 October): 2244 words on the new bounty hunter story. I’ve got Chapter One mostly written. Maybe put another 1000 words on it tomorrow. This story should go pretty quick… I think/hope. It’ll be a little over 30K words when it’s finished. That much I know already.

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