Writing Update 05 Feb

First things first. Gale Stanley gave me a nod on Books & Blurbs blog today. Stop by if you want to read a spicy excerpt from Harley on the Rocks.

I’m feeling all accomplished today. I started a story for a Changeling Press themed line on 02 February and managed to put down over 10,000 words on it between then and now. Except for the character descriptions and the sex scenes, the book is pretty much finished. I still have to name the main character, but that’s just a matter of looking at a list of names and picking one.

Today is a Chinese New Year’s party with friends of the hubby and tomorrow is the big game. So I probably won’t be able to jump back into it until Monday. I’m just happy I got it done and so quickly. For a little while there, I was struggling with an idea to fit the theme.

Next up is a vampire novella. This will be my first vampire book in a looooong line. I’m thinking this one shouldn’t take too long since it’s already halfway finished. I also need to get it finished soon to meet my deadline. 😛

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