Writing Update: 02 November

– WRITING (26 October): Spent a large part of the morning, after getting up waaaaaaay too early (like 4hrs after going to sleep) putting 3862 words on the fifth in the 8-book Razor’s Edge series. Yup. Not completely finished with Book 3 and Book 4, but I’ve already jumped into Book 5.

To make matters worse, Book 5 got away from me (stories do that sometimes) and I had to cut 1842 words to get it back on track. Remember, these are short stories. I’m aiming for under 4K so 1800 words is a LOT. The story is back on track and now 2020 words long. It shouldn’t take long to finish when I get back to it. For now I’m catching a nap before my Coyote Con panel in an hour and a half. No more writing for me until I get some rest.

– EDITED (27 October): Did the edits for Overflow and handed that back in to my editor. Since I had Coyote Con panels, a guest, and a tsunami warning, I didn’t get much else finished today.

– PLOTTING (28 October): Coyote Con is over, the hubby is back on normal days tomorrow (full 8hr day at work instead of 4hrs), and after I get some REAL sleep I can get back to writing and finishing. Even though I screwed up my sleep schedule, I did still manage to conceptualize a Halloween story that spawned from a Changeling Press flash fiction session. It won’t come out until October 2013 but at least I have the story figured out. It should be a quick 10-12K words seasonal piece.

– FINISHED (29 October): I finished Book 5 of the Razor’s Edge shorts at 4119 words. This is after taking out another 719 words. But at least it’s finished. This one was a little harder than the others because the plot tried to take over. Razor’s Edge is Erotica so the story is supposed to be sex loosely wrapped in plot. Book 5 is about half and half.

– WRITING (30 October): 6060 words on the bounty hunter story today. One more chapter left before the end. BUT don’t start cheering yet. I left a lot of scenes open-ended to so I could go forward (namely sex scenes). I need to go back and flesh those out as well as do some fine tuning before I’m completely finished. The couple figured out their differences though (for the most part), so I’m happy. I also need to come up with character names for pretty much everyone in the book and a title.

After this, it’s back to the Serenity sequel. Woot!

– WRITING (31 October): Happy Halloween! 3412 words on the bounty hunter story today. I’ve reached the end. That doesn’t mean the book is finished though. As I said before, I still have to go back and fill in the gaps I left as well as tweaking stuff. Another two or three days of writing and I should be finished with it.

– TWEAKING (01 November): I started the tweaks on the bounty hunter story. Everyone now has names and I think I’ve solidified the plot enough. The final thing is to go through and add in the sex scenes (the ones I skipped) as well as connect some parts where I left gaps. That’s a solid day of writing… as soon as I get a solid day. The hubby has a half day tomorrow and he wants to go see Wreck-it Ralph (I want to see it too) after he gets home. I think I might have Saturday to myself. Sunday is Man With the Iron Fists, so that’s probably a no writing day too.

– EDITS (01 November): Just finished and returned the edits for my Changeling Press Christmas story due out in December. I love when edits come back (sort of) because that means I can read my story again. Once I finish a story and hand it over to submissions, I don’t touch it again until I get the edits. That way I can read it with fresh eyes (have I said this here already? If so, I’m saying it again). Plus, not going back to finished stuff helps me focus on new stuff.

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