Writing Update 02 Dec

I haven’t written one of these in a while. 🙂

I am writing! And just to prove it, I have two, yes TWO new novellas going out to Changeling Press today. I have to read through them both one more time and possibly tweak some things and then off to my editor they go. One is a 17k novella about lovers who accidentally switch bodies (yes, you read that right) and the other is a 6k short for Razor’s Edge Press (Changeling Press’s erotica line) about a wife entertaining her husband’s poker buddies. Hopefully both will be well-received when they release.

What’s next for me? Why the sequel to SERENITY of course. Yes, yes, yes, I know. I’ve been talking about writing this book all year. I’ll have you know that I’ve already written 18k. The end will be somewhere between 60-90k. I have no clue how long the book will get until I finish it. I plan to put a HUGE dent in it through the whole month of December.

I’m really excited to be working on this book. I’ve been looking forward to it forever. So why didn’t I finish it before now if I want to work on it so badly? I had other books I wanted to get out of the way first. I’m actually bumping it up in my book queue because so many people want to see the sequel and they keep asking about it.

Another plus of working on this book now is that I get to read SERENITY again. I can see you’re probably wondering why that’s a bonus for me. I wrote the book. I can read it any time. That’s true and not true. While I can read it at any time, I refrain from reading my books after they are published. Why? Because I would just read them over and over and over (etc) instead of working on new books.

So I stare longingly at my babies while writing new babies. But, in the case of a sequel, I allow myself to read the previous book(s) so I can get back into the mood of the story/world. That means I get to read SERENITY again. Woot! Yes, I’m weird but you read my books so you knew that already.

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