Writing Advice: Up Your Word Count

This isn’t my advice. I actually found out about this from James Ray Tuck, Jr. on Facebook. I totally love him for posting about it.

From author Rachel Aaron ::

First let me say, the way James said, there is NO gimmick. It’s just brutal honesty and learning to organize yourself. Everything she says makes sense, even for a major pantser like me. I waste a HUGE amount of time waiting for inspiration to run me over with a Mack truck. No more. I have too many books that need writing to keep going the way I am.

If you feel the way I do, give her blog post a looksie. Also, if you have issues with a black background and white writing like me, I suggest copy-and-pasting into a TXT file. Her information is too priceless to pass up just because of her color scheme choices.

Some may see this as a contradiction of my earlier post entitled “Write It How You Want.” I see it as an augmentation. The reason I write scenes as they come to me is because those scenes are totally hashed out by the time I get to the computer so they go the fastest. Connecting those scenes to the story goes a lot slower.

I once dropped 6K on a story in only a few hours when I woke up with inspiration. At that time, I knew how the entire scene would play out (though not the full details). It was just a matter of writing it. If I could apply that same drive to an entire book, thus finishing a 90-100k novel in two weeks instead of three to five months, I’m all for it.

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