Wiped Out Early AM

I woke up late at 3AM. Normally I’m up around 9/10 PM (this is all eastern) but I was really tired and just wanted more sleep.

I opened my eyes, stared at the ceiling, took in the darkness, and my mind was going a mile a minute thinking up plots and scenes and character interactions for a series I didn’t even know I was going to write.

Charmed Lover is part of the Caveat Emptor series that will be coming out with Changeling Press. I didn’t know Charmed Lover would even be a series until I wrote the end and some mysterious question mark popped up. My muse is evil just like me, what can I say? *shrug*

I spent three hours dropping close to 6000 words on three separate novellas for the Caveat Emptor series. I mean typing, typing and more typing. I didn’t even stop to chew my nails or think about if a scene or word was working for me. I had to get all the scenes out of my head and onto my computer before I forgot something.

As I was typing, my muse came up with more stuff to type and fleshed out storylines and gave me resolutions. At the end of the flurry, I was left with a basic outline for all of the books in this series except one. I’m sure that one will come to me later on, possibly when I wake up tomorrow. It’s fluttering at the back of my brain now. I’m not listening to it though since I need to work on Pet’s Pleasure.

I had plans to work on another story for Changeling Press, but it seems that story is going on the back burner (again) so I can get the Caveat Emptor series finished.

On top of all that, I jetted out of the house to run errands at 9AM:
– Wally World to get MegaMind, which they didn’t have because the lady in electronics said they don’t stock movies except on Tuesdays (FAIL!). But I picked up my nephew’s birthday present (he’s a St. Patty’s baby) and plastic totes that were on sale.
– Drive past MovieStop thinking I can get MegaMind there but they aren’t open for another hour. Screw that. I’m not waiting.
– Target is in the same parking lot, so I stopped by there. One frantic search later, I get MegaMind and… oh hey, they have a Starbuck’s on site. Might as well get some vanilla scones too (love those things).
– Then it’s off to my last stop, which is Staples. The hubby got hacked so I had to get him a copy of Norton 360 since MacFee SUCKS. Bonus is that it came with a $25 rebate.

One hour later, I get home and finally… FINALLY I can eat breakfast (or is it lunch at this point?). I’m calling it breakfast since I hadn’t eaten once since waking up (I do that sometimes). Suffice to say, I am wiped out. I still plan to do some writing on Pet’s Pleasure. That will be nice and relaxing… I hope.

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