Wednesday Haul #5

Like I said in an earlier post, I didn’t post last Wednesday’s haul simply because I didn’t go on Wednesday. I went to the comic shop on Saturday so I could take part in the sale they were having. Good thing too. I got 20% off instead of the usual 10%. That may not seem like much, but take a look at what I got. The beginning of the month (or end in some cases) is always the most expensive.

Wednesday Haul #4 – 02 April 2008

Sugar Milk (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Great Place High School (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
The Color of Love (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
The First Stage of Love (yaoi, drama, romance – YA 16+)
(yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Selfish Mr. Mermaid #1
(yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Haruka Beyond the Stream of Time (shoujo, Heian/time-swept, romance – Older Teen)
Vampire Knight #4 (shoujo, horror, drama – Older Teen)
Tail of the Moon #10 (shoujo romantic ninja adventure – Older Teen)
Arcana #8 (fantasy – Teen 13+)
Dazzle #8 (drama, action – Older Teen 16+)
Can’t Win With You! #3
(yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Hot Steamy Glasses
(yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Love Lesson
(yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)

Out of these, I’ve read a few already. Selfish Mr. Mermaid has a promising start and I hope the trend continues in the later volumes. Can’t Win With You continues to be good. I’ll expand on my review of it once it finishes.

Revision (12 June 2008, 8:40am):
I’ve pulled my mini-reviews of Sugar Milk and Great Place High School from this post and expanded them into a normal manga review posts.

The good news is Tail of the Moon, Arcana, and Dazzle are almost over. I’m loving Tail of the Moon and hoping it ends on a high note unlike it’s predecessor Ryou, which hasn’t been brought over to the US yet (I just happened to pick up the original manga while I was in Japan).

I stopped reading Arcana because Tokyopop took too long between issues and I lost the plot. I decided to keep getting it and just read it all at once when it finishes. That way, if Tokyopop goes on another publishing hiatus, I’m not left hanging.

As for Dazzle, I really want to know what Rahzel’s secret is. In true Japanese storytelling fashion, the author is leaving all explanations until the end. The end is near and, even though I have a guess, I’ll finally find out what’s up with her and all the other characters.

So, that was last Wednesday and this Wednesday is tomorrow. Here’s hoping I have nothing ’cause I’m broke after last week. 🙂

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