Wednesday Haul #29

I have finally dug out of the mess I made of my office moving the furniture around. My walls are literally lined with books. I have eleven (yes, 11) DVD/CD shelves that were converted to book shelves full of books and manga. The DVD/CD shelves are lightweight, hold more and take up less room <- in case you're wondering why I use them. 😀

But enough about that. Let me get to last week’s Wednesday haul and I’ll have another tomorrow… maybe. I can never tell when I will or won’t have manga to post about.

Wednesday Haul #29 – January 21, 2009

Crown #1 (shoujo, action, romance – 16+ Older Teen)
Bound Beauty #2 (shoujo, paranormal, romance, 13+ Teen)
Black Sun (yaoi, drama, romance – 18+ Mature)

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