Wednesday Haul #20

Yes, I did get stuff last Wednesday but I’ve been so swamped with stuff that I never felt like typing it out (and it isn’t even that much). Seeing as how tomorrow is Wednesday again, I thought I should get this post up before the other one. Not to mention, it came out Thursday. Comics were delayed a day thanks to Labor Day.

Wednesday Haul #20 – 04 September 2008

Today’s Ulterior Motives (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Vampire Knight #5 (shoujo, paranormal, romance – OT 16+)
Wild Ones #4 (shoujo, drama, romance – OT 16+)
Gentleman’s Alliance #7 (shoujo, drama, romance – OT 16+)
Just Around the Corner (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Love Alpha (yaoi, paranormal, romance – Mature 18+)

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