Wednesday Haul #10

Okay, so I’m a little late with the Wednesday Haul. I got buried under preparations for the 4th Annual Lori Foster Reader-Author Get Together (post about this at a later date). But I’m back now and I need to post last Wednesday’s haul before I post this Wednesday’s haul (if there is one).

Last week’s was the big one.

Wednesday Haul #10 – 04 June 2008

Weekend Lovers (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Yurara #5 FINAL VOLUME (supernatural, romance, thriller – OT 16+)
Tail of the Moon #11 (romance, adventure – OT 16+)
Her Majesty’s Dog #9 (supernatural, romance, thriller – OT 16+)
The Gentleman’s Alliance #6 (drama, romance – OT 16+)
Red (yaoi, romance, drama – OT 16+)
A Strange and Mystifying Story #1 (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
A Love Song for the Miserable (yaoi, drama, romance – Mature 18+)
Wild Ones #3 (romance, drama – OT 16+)
The President’s Time (yaoi, romance, drama – Mature 18+)

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