Update, New Releases & Happy Halloween!

It has been a long while since I’ve updated my blog and a lot has happened. It’s been even longer since I’ve sent out a newsletter so don’t feel too neglected. (PS – I’m doing that next.)

I’m going from one end of the spectrum to the other in this update. First off, it’s Erotica from Ellora’s Cave…

* New Release *

Filling the Void by Zenobia RenquistFilling the Void
[ Daily Grind 1 ]

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave, Exotika
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Themes: M/F, F/F/F/F, Open Marriage, Exhibitionism/Voyeurism
Length: Short Novel

Missing her early morning quickie throws Naomie’s entire day off balance. How is a lustful woman in an open marriage supposed to function without sex? Simple. She invites the gardener to do some indoor lawn care. Afterward it’s off to “girl talk” with three of her best friends. The topic under discussion is cheesecake and who can make Naomie come first. But all of that simply fills the void until her husband gets home from work.

That’s when the real fun begins.

Inside Scoop: This scorching-hot erotica features exhibitionism, group sex, lesbian sex, straight sex and more kinks than you can keep track of.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg. November is about to start. That means two more covers and two new releases to go along with them. Hopefully I should have some writing update news as well. I know I’ve been slacking on those updates, though I haven’t been slacking on the writing…much.


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