Slight Delay

I didn’t allow for certain things last week, like exhaustion after pulling a two night stint at my part time job (sporadic thing I do for some mad money) as well as spending the weekend in PA for the Alternative Living Expo signing, so it looks like I have to postpone my edit/tweak session of Pet’s Pleasure for a few more days while I finish reading two books for the RITAs. I shouldn’t have procrastinated as long as I did, but it’s no big deal. Scores are due on the 9th, today is the 7th, and I can read a book a day.

I did do my edits for Chamomile Nights and turned in the cover art request, so I’m all good there. After I finish my edit/tweak session of Pet’s Pleasure and get that submitted, I’ll be jumping into the Caveat Emptor series. Once that is complete and turned in to my editor, I’ll go back to Yolette and finish that. What will come after Yolette is all dependent on my muse and my mood.

The odds are in favor of Contractually Bound Love, since I know a lot of my readers are waiting for it. Then again, I’ve been working on a lot of Zen-Ren titles in the last few months. I should probably work on the sequel to Serenity (again, lots of readers waiting on it) and one other DRB book before I jump into another Zen-Ren title.

Eh, we’ll see. So long as I’m finishing books, I’m not picky.

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