Reverted ~ Forgotten Lover (Caveat Emptor 5)

As of 31 May 2023, Forgotten Lover (Caveat Emptor 5) — Vampire BWWM Romance, MF — is no longer available for purchase through Changeling Press. The rights have reverted back to the author (me).

The title will receive a new cover and title and be re-released in the coming months.

~ For Reference Purposes ~

Cover - Forgotten Lover (Caveat Emptor 5)

Forgotten Lover
[Caveat Emptor 5]

Can Medusa allow herself to love a man who’s supposed to be her enemy?

Captured by mages, Medusa is more upset at her own weakness than the mage’s idea of torture. Once free of them, she plans to slaughter them all. Except, there is one mage that awakens long buried memories of desire from a past best left forgotten. She knows this man to the depths of her soul, but she and Darius are on opposite sides of a war that has raged for centuries. It’s more than her heart at stake if she gives in to her desires.

Book Info

Reversion Date: 31 May 2023

Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Vampire BWWM Romance, MF
Ebook ASIN: B007SO89SG
Ebook Release: 04 November 2011
Length: 11,660 words / 43 pages

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