Q&A: Next Romance Trend?

I have a very simple belief that I think has very substantial evidence. The popular Romance sub-genre trend directly coincides with what’s popular in movies and TV at the moment. Being able to predict Romance trends is like playing the stock market. If you can do it and supply that demand, then you’ll always be a top seller.

Now I’m not doing this to be a top seller since the next trend I’m predicting isn’t one I write in, but I wanted to throw this out there now and see if it’s true down the line.

So my prediction of the next Romance trend is Westerns/Cowboy.

It can be historical or not. I’m basing this on the most recent shows to start that seem to be doing really well: Longmire, Hatfields & McCoys (mini-series), and DALLAS.

What do you think? Westerns/Cowboy or something else? And why?


  1. Leah – I don't know about that one. Game of Thrones is one show. It's got a great following like True Blood, but I don't know if that's enough. Frankly I would love for fantasy to be on the upswing again, that would help me out tremendously. But, just from what I'm seeing on TV, I'm still sticking with Westerns/Cowboys.

    Fedora – I hope I'm right too. I could have a lucrative career as a trend predictor. 😛

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