Q&A: Marvel or DC?

If we’re talking live action movies, based on the current offerings of this summer, I’m all about Marvel. AVENGERS, baby, yeah!

If we’re talking animated feature length movies, I’m all about DC. I still can’t understand how they can do such wonderful animated movies and such sub-par live action films (the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy aside since that rocked).

For animated TV shows, they are tied.

This is one of the longest running comic book debates. It’s like Star Wars vs Star Trek.

6 years ago, I dumped Marvel HARD. They betrayed my comic book trust and I couldn’t read any of their books anymore without feeling pissed off. Then a few days ago, they earned it back… maybe. Refer to the latest Avengers vs X-Men Issue #9 to find out why.

Now if this sticks (please please please please PLEASE!), I will be firmly back in Marvel’s corner and praising them as comic book giants amongst comics. I mean, they have gotten better since they teamed up with the mouse.

But that’s me. What about you? Marvel or DC? Or are you totally off the two-party system and loving Dark Horse and/or Image?

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