Out Now – Taking It Back by Zenobia Renquist

Taking It Back
by Zenobia Renquist

Changeling Press

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Interracial, Tentacle Monster

eBook BIN: 05619-01800

Price: $4.49/US

Sometimes you have to get grabby to get what you want.

Nami is in Vegas for a business seminar. Kosuke is a tentacle monster in search of a cure for the affliction keeping him from eating. While she may not make him better, Kosuke is more than willing to put that aside to enjoy the other things Nami can do for him.

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Read Excerpt #1: http://www.changelingpress.com/content.php?utype=note&uid=5619

Read Excerpt #2: http://zenobiarenquist.com/bookshelf/taking-it-back

First chapter available online at D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters blog on 02 April.

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