Out Now – GT1: On a Whim by Zenobia Renquist

Guardian’s Tales 1: On a Whim
by Zenobia Renquist

Changeling Press

eBook BIN: 05721-01833
Genre: Erotic Paranormal/Fantasy Interracial Romance
Price: $4.49/US
Length: Novella

Mortals should beware the whims of gods.

Rosaline never thought she would find a meaningful relationship at an adult party for the denizens of the preternatural community. She came to have fun and flirt with danger while hiding behind the safety of the party’s rules. And then she met Sebastian, a demi-god who demands all her attention and satisfies her every need. Even though her head says it’s nothing but pleasure between consenting adults with no strings attached, her heart is wondering if this fickle demi-god might actually want to be with her.

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Read Excerpt #1: http://www.changelingpress.com/content.php?utype=note&uid=5721

Read Excerpt #2: http://zenobiarenquist.com/bookshelf/guardians-tales-series/on-a-whim

Read the first chapter online D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters blog on Monday (28 May).

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