Oahu Does Have (Thursday Thirteen)

Oahu, Hawaii DOES have…

Thursday 13 Aloha Style

(in no particular order)

1 – Americans (because Hawaii IS a state even if it’s in the middle of the Pacific)

2 – Kentucky Cardinal

3 – Brazilian Cardinal

4 – Myna Birds

5 – Hawaii 5-0 Cast

6 – Loco Moco (probably the best tasting, bad-for-you thing you’ll ever put in your mouth)

7 – Ben Franklin’s Crafts Store (there are three of them)

8 – Mongeese (or mongooses, if you like, also known as Hawaiian squirrels)

9 – North Shore (surfing, surfing and more surfing)

10 – Rainbows (tons of them almost everyday. There’s a reason they are on the license plate.)

11 – Sushi restaurants (Genki Sushi, Ninja Sushi, KurKuru Sushi, Kozo Sushi, Doraku Sushi, Yanagi Sushi, Gyotaku, Banzai Sushi Bar, and so on. You get the idea. Lots and lots of sushi. I love it.)

12 – Starbucks (aren’t these things everywhere?)

13 – Hibiscus in almost every color imaginable (state flower, pictured above)

What else does Oahu have? Leave a comment with stuff you think should have made the list.

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