News x 2 for ZenRen

First off, when I created my Twitter account @DReneeBagby, I said I would only have the one and have it pull double duty for both of my pen names. That was a great plan and seemed to be working. And then one day (specifically yesterday), some authors piqued my interest in Kindlegraph — a digital autographing system for Kindle editions.

It’s a great little idea that I absolutely love since I’m not able to attend as many conventions as I usually do. However, it’s Twitter account specific so I had to create an account for Zenobia Renquist in order to “claim” those books for autographing. So now @ZenobiaRenquist exists along with two shiny, new Kindlegraph accounts:


So, if you do Kindle, feel free to ask for my autograph. 😀

If you do Twitter, give me a follow… or two.

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