News and Wednesday Haul #1

As of today, I’ve started two new things so I’m updating my blog habitually with more than new releases. One is Favorite Quote (previous post), where I share some quote that just really clicks with me. And the other is Wednesday Haul — I share what manga I got from the comic book store.

Once I’m done with a book/series, I’ll give my review… like everything else. 🙂

Today’s haul was a mix (no particular order):
The Queen’s Knight #10 (fantasy/romance – Teen 13+)
Voice or Noise #2 (yaoi/romance – Older Teen 16+)
Yurara #4 (supernatural romantic thriller – Older Teen)
The Gentleman’s Alliance #5 (high school drama/romance – Older Teen)
Maybe I’m Your Stepping Stone (yaoi/romance – Mature 18+) <- Plastic wrapped. that's how I know it's really, really naughty
Love Circumstances (yaoi/romance – Mature 18+) <- this is plastic wrapped too and the guy on the back cover is getting groped *evil grin*

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