Musings About Baijiu

I would like to take this moment to share an experience I had this past Saturday (05 Feb). I attended a Chinese New Year’s party at my hubby’s friend’s apartment. She is a wonderful cook who offered up the traditional 14 dishes. I can’t remember them all so I won’t list them, but they were good. There’s this whole list of requirements for the 14 requisite dishes that I need to look up since I want to try this one year.

But on to the purpose of this post. Baijiu. My stomach is protesting even as I type.

The host of the Chinese New Year’s party pulled out a few bottles of baijiu so that everyone could take a shot. Everyone had to do it, as it was a tradition amongst that crowd. Please note at this time, that two people cut out early on in the party and now I know why.

Okay. Baijiu is a Chinese grain-based alcohol. Basically their version of sake or vodka. Unlike sake or vodka, baijiu tastes like ASS. I don’t know what sadistic bastard would create such a foul-tasting and just down right disgusting drink. And said sadistic bastard obviously had a brother or a friend, because they decided to sell it. It has survived and the process is passed on.


For more analytic information about baijiu, visit the wiki site.

While some may say my reaction is due to the fact that I don’t drink much alcohol, that isn’t the case. EVERYONE was hurting after drinking that crap. The only person who didn’t react like someone who had just swallowed poison was my hubby, because he’ll drink anything (and this proves it). The sicko actually had FOUR shots. FOUR!!

The man I married, ladies and gentlemen.

Still don’t believe me? How about YouTube evidence?:

Skip ahead to 3:10 to see his reaction

And if you still doubt me, then buy a bottle. You’ll have to go to a liquor store that sells a wide variety of imports or an Asian market to get it. And make sure the label is Chinese or you might be getting a cheap knockoff made to appeal to a western audience.

This stuff is a frat party drinking game’s worst nightmare. I will NEVER drink it again. EVER. It’s enough to make you stop drinking alcohol all together.


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