Movie Review: Ted


Release: 29 June 2012
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Seth MacFarlane
Director: Seth MacFarlane
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Fantasy
Length: 106 min.
Rating: R

Basic Premise:
John Bennett is a lonely child who just wants a friend. When he makes a wish for his teddy bear to come to life, he’s really surprised when it comes true. He and Ted will be best friends forever… which becomes an issue when John is in his thirties and trying to have a serious relationship.

If the R-rating isn’t a dead giveaway, let me make this VERY clear…


This film is from the creator of Family Guy and earns every bit of that R-rating with language, tons of images of drug use and sexual situations. In the first five minutes, the narrator drops an f-bomb. Not, not, NOT for children. Don’t let the cute cuddly teddy bear fool you into thinking that this movie might even remotely be for kids.

This movie was funny. But, like Family Guy, has a bad habit of taking that final step that graduates the joke from being funny to wrong. Beyond that, the plot is a good one and makes sense. They give a wonderful reason why everyone is perfectly okay with a talking teddy bear roaming the streets.

Any fan of Family Guy and Seth MacFarlane’s brand of humor will LOVE this movie. I enjoyed it well enough, but I would have liked it better as a DVD rental.

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