Manga Review: Love Syndrome

Love Syndrome by Yura Miyazawa

Publisher: DMP June
Price: $12.95
Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi
Themes: College, best friends
Rating: Mature 18+
Volumes: 1 Volume
ISBN: 978-1-56970-046-4

Note: Picture taken with my iPhone from my manga library.

Basic Premise
Serizawa’s apartment is flooded. He asks his friend Shinoda to stay a few nights. Shinoda has no problem helping out a friend, assuming Serizawa can pay the fee — one kiss a day.

Suzumu and Rinri are roommates. Suzumu spoils Rinri and babies him. Suzumu soon realizes his feelings are something more than brotherly affection for his clingy roommate.

Kazama has loved Ritsu since they met as children. The only thing keeping him from confessing to Ritsu is a ten year old promise to remain friends forever.

Chihiro and Yukito are stepbrothers who are separated when their parents divorce. They are reunited years later, Chihiro’s feelings of love for his stepbrother hasn’t waned in the least.

Sex Shown
Kissing, fondling, pressed bodies, and suggestive positions.

My favorite couple was Rinri and Suzumu. They are so cute together. Suzumu keeps thinking he’s only being helpful until someone points out how his constant, intimate attention to Rinri looks to outsiders. The way he freaks out had me laughing so hard I almost dropped the book.

Each story is a short quick look into each couple’s lives. I had no couple that I disliked. This was a fun story. I wish Myazawa-sensei had given each couple their own book, but I’m happy for what I got.

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