Manga Review: Drops of Desire

Drops of Desire by You Higashino

Publisher: SuBLime Manga
Price: $5.99
Genre: Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Yaoi
Themes: Demons, Bullying, Teacher-Student
Rating: Mature 18+
Volumes: 1 Volume
ISBN: None

Note: Picture taken with my iPhone from my Kindle.

Basic Premise:
Yuzuru Aihara is ignored by his father and step-mother as well as bullied at school. He’s a mousy individual who is just trying to get by until he meets Kokuyo-sensei, the school nurse… and a demon. Yuzuru has caught the demon’s eye and Kokuyo won’t stop until Yuzuru submits. But Kokuyo’s kind of love could be the death of Yuzuru.

Sex Shown:
Kissing, fondling, tentacle sex, suggestive positions, outline penis, force pleasure, pressed bodies

It’s not often you see tentacle sex in a yaoi manga. I enjoyed it in this one. Kokuyo is a the typical alpha hero type who wants everyone to submit to him and won’t take no for an answer. Yuzuru is just submissive enough to be absolutely Kokuyo’s type.

The relationship between these two is a rough one, but the reader can also feel the love between them. I enjoyed this read a lot. It’s on my re-read shelf and I wish there was more.

There’s a second couple in this manga as well — Minoru Okamoto and Shirogane. Their story really needs more to it. They get two tiny pseudo-chapters that are enough to tease. As interesting as Yuzuru and Kokuyo’s relationship is, I know Minoru and Shirogane would be even more so.

But I’m happy with what I got. I can’t say that I like all of Higashino-sensei’s stuff, but this is definitely a favorite.

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