Inspiration: Darvaza Gas Crater

Earth is such an interesting place, because of locales like the Darvaza Gas Crater, aka The Door to Hell, located in Turkmenistan’s Karakum Desert.

I learned about this fun and muse-inspiring place from a NatGeo video on FB that mentioned that their own George Kourounis had gone into the crater and found life thriving on the heat and methane-rich environment.

But, I couldn’t find that same video on YouTube, so I found one done by Underknown.

Why dedicate a post to this video and this locale?

Because this is straight up muse-fodder. I love learning about stuff like this. I can imagine all sorts of scenarios concerning this place. Like a gateway to another dimension or even another planet.

Will the Darvaza Crater feature in a book to come?

Who knows. But, I wouldn’t have made a post about it if I didn’t want to remember it for book inclusion later. There might be some fire-beings in my book future.

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