Coming to Theaters: April 27

I said a while ago that I would continue giving my opinions on trailers even though I took them out of my movie review posts. Unfortunately, I have fallen way behind on that. My bad. 😛

So let’s try something new with my new plan. Summer is coming and that means tons of movies and even more previews.

Coming to Theaters 27 April 2012

The Raven (Mystery/Thriller – R):
I plan to see this. As such, I’m embedding a trailer so you can see why. It’s got a Sherlock Holmes vibe, which I’m sure is on purpose to draw in that audience. But, it’s also by the director of V for Vendetta. I loved that movie and this one looks like it’ll be fun.

Safe (Action/Crime/Thriller – R):
It’s Jason Statham. I’m there! So long as he’s kicking butt and taking names, I want to see it. And guess what… another trailer for you to watch.

The Five-Year Engagement (Comedy/Romance – R):
I never saw this trailer during my few excursions to the movies in the last few weeks. Given that I’ve only gone to see action movies, it’s no wonder. I laughed at the trailer, but this is a Redbox movie.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits (Animation/Adventure/Family – PG):
The hubby wants to see this. I had never heard of it prior to seeing the paper cutout at the movie theater and him telling me that he wanted to see it. From the producers of Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit. I never saw those movies. Looks like I won’t be seeing this one either.

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