Coming to Theaters 08 June

Coming to Theaters 08 June 2012

Prometheus (Action, Horror, SciFi – R):
The hubby and I saw the teaser for this and were undecided. It looked good. It also looked like an Alien rip off. It didn’t help that they used H.R. Giger’s wonderful art skills to craft the backdrop. The second extended trailer grabbed our attention. We’re going to see it. Sure it looks like I can predict the plot from the trailers, but it’ll be fun to watch everyone die because our ancient ancestors don’t know how to leave proper warnings.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (Animation, Comedy, Family, Adventure – PG):
I wasn’t impressed with the first one. In fact, it made me hate the song I Like to Move It, which ticked me off since I used to love that song. I avoided the second one. I dodged the penguin cartoon spin-off and I’m happy this third one is coming out the same weekend as Prometheus because it pretty much guarantees there will be no kids in that movie.

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