Coming to Theaters 07 September

Coming to Theaters 07 September

The Words (Drama, Romance – PG-13)
I’ll watch an interracial movie (usually no matter what the plot), but I’m so sick of seeing the trailer for this movie that I have no interest in it now. Maybe when it comes out on DVD.

The Cold Light of Day (Action, Thriller – PG-13)
I have not seen a trailer for this, but it has Bruce Willis (in yet another movie, man is he working hard) and Sigourney Weaver. That spells a recipe of win for me. If the hubby and I feel like we must go to the movies this weekend, it’ll probably be for this.

Bachelorette (Comedy – R)

Hello I Must Be Going (Comedy, Drama, Romance – R)

The Inbetweeners Movie (Comedy – R)

[Rec]3 Genesis (Horror, Thriller – R)

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