Coming to Theaters 21 December

Coming to Theaters 21 December This is 40 (R – Comedy) Zero Dark Thirty (R – Drama, Action) Jack Reacher (PG-13 – Action, Crime, Drama) The hubby and I laughed at this trailer when we saw it. An MP… really? I don’t think the scriptwriters know what MP’s do. The …

Post of Randomness and Excuses

As anyone who is following my blog has noticed, I’ve been missing days and late posting and all sorts of wackiness this last week or so. Part of that is due to the move from Blogger to WordPress (hosted) and the other part is due to me being distracted easily. …

Music & Lights: Grinch

I love this family. They go all out and their neighbors are really nice to let them do this insanity every year. 😀 Mr. GrinchLights by[youtube]

Daz3D Creation: Troll Lover

Skipping the manga review today to put up something else. I’ve started dabbling in 3D rendering with Daz Studio. It’s an interesting program (and free) that’s a lot like playing with virtual dolls. Except these dolls can be posed in a million different ways that are both fun and frustrating. …

Coming to Theaters 30 November

Coming to Theaters 30 November Killing Them Softly (Crime, Drama, Thriller – R) The Collection (Action, Horror, Thriller – R) Nothing for me this weekend. Guess I can relax at home.