Before and After Work

Before and After Work by Zenobia Renquist
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Before and After Work by Zenobia Renquist

Before and After Work
[Assistant’s Position 1]


The harder she works, the luckier she gets.

Stuffed Elevator
Rachel has entered an elevator with the company’s top executives. It’s a nerve wracking situation that escalates when multiple people start groping her. The numbers are getting closer to her floor. Rachel hopes they can get her off in time.

Working It Late
Rachel doesn’t mind staying late to get the job done but he boss wants her off the clock and out the door. She’s happy to comply until she catches him talking dirty behind closed doors. Everything he describes gets Rachel hot, so of course she’s anxious to find out if talking is all her boss can do.

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Reversion Date: 21 April 2016


Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary BDSM Erotica, Multiple Partners
Ebook ISBN: 0631702030
Ebook ASIN: B00D682J5C
Ebook Price: $2.99/US
Ebook Release: 19 April 2013
Length: Novella (7500 words/28 pages)
Cover Art: Marteeka Karland

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Reviews for Before and After Work

“I absolutely loved BEFORE AND AFTER WORK by Zenobia Renquist. If this sort of thing happened in elevators in high rise buildings they would be a lot more crowded… If you are looking for a quick hot read that will have you wanting to run outside naked in the North Pole then definitely get [it].”
~ Barb, BadBardsPlace

Excerpt for Before and After Work

A hand on her hip guided her deeper into the elevator away from the door. The people surrounded her. Rachel felt like she would come from anticipation alone.

The elevator dinged, signaling a stop. Rachel’s breath hitched as the elevator doors opened. The people teasing her breasts didn’t stop their motions. Cool, fresh air fanned her bare ass.

Did the people on the elevator block her from view? Had they parted so the person waiting got an eyeful?

Both scenarios appealed to her.

A man said quickly, “S-sorry. Wrong elevator.”

Another man said, “I told you, not that one. Come on.”

There were shuffling noises of two — maybe more — people walking away before the doors whispered closed once more and the elevator started climbing again.

How many people had been standing there? Had they seen her? Did they want to join in the fun? Rachel liked the idea of more hands with unknown owners fondling her body.

With her back to the doors, and possibly the other riders blocking her from view, she wasn’t worried about someone recognizing her. No one apologizing about stopping this elevator would know who she was because they didn’t work on the top floor. Someone from the top floor would have joined the fun — either as a groper or a gropee, depending on their position.

Her position had her blindfolded and spread, awaiting pleasure or torment with equal eagerness. Rachel preferred pleasure but torment had its benefits as well.

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