Selected Lovers

Cover - Selected Lovers (Caveat Emptor 7.5)Title: Selected Lovers
Series: Caveat Emptor #7.5
Genre: ,

Themes: Interracial BWWM, Vampire, Magic, Threesome/Thrupple MFM
Length: 26,100 words / 88 pages

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Love, like peace, is never easy where two men are concerned.

The war is over, and now it’s time to rebuild. Rhea has been chosen at random to sit on a joint council to help decide future relations between mages, vampires, and humans. Jeremy and Colm are appointed her guards. What should have been a simple escort assignment becomes so much more when a spell meant to kill ignites a passionate encounter with Rhea caught in the middle.

Haunted by her desires and craving another threesome, Rhea knows it can’t happen. Jeremy is a mage. Colm is a vampire. The men tolerate each other because they’re under orders to cooperate. Without another spell to force them, they would never agree to sharing Rhea again. She has to choose — the mage with a satisfying kiss or the vampire with a passionate bite…or maybe the third option she hasn’t yet considered.

Author Note: Selected Lovers is NOT included in the Charmed Lovers (Box Set).

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Colm was growling at Jeremy when Rhea entered the room. She walked between them and said, “How about I sleep on the couch and then you both can have your own rooms? Deal? Deal. Now that that’s done” — she faced Jeremy – “can I order room service or…” She trailed off as a rush of heat made her shudder hard with a surprised gasp.

“Rhea?” Jeremy touched her shoulder.

She shook her head. “Sorry. Long day. I need to eat.”

Behind her, Colm said, “You and me both. That taste earlier made me want more.” He pressed close to her and asked with his lips hovering above her neck, “How about a little nibble? I bet you’re one of the humans who gets off on a vampire’s bite.”

It was on the tip of her tongue to say no but Rhea found herself leaning against him and tilting her head to the side. She wanted to feel his bite. Wanted it so badly it scared her. She’d never wanted to be with a vampire before… or that was what she told her girlfriends when they had asked.

Rhea suffered from curiosity. She’d heard the stories and rumors of how centuries of living turned vampires into magnificent lovers. Was it true? Maybe. Maybe not. It did make sense though. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to find out.

Colm kissed her neck. “Is that an invitation?”

She rolled her ass against the hard bulge in his pants as her answer.

He cupped her hips with a hungry rumble. “That’s what I’m talking about.” He licked her neck.

“Back off, vampire.” Jeremy made a sweeping gesture.

A ripple in the air traveled from Jeremy to Colm, knocking Colm back from Rhea and pinning him to the wall behind them.

Colm cursed loud and struggled. “Release me!”

Jeremy asked, “When did you last feed?”

“A day ago. Why?”

Jeremy frowned. “A day ago. You shouldn’t feel hunger now.”

“But I do. She offered. Now let me down. I’m starving.” Colm bared his fangs at Jeremy and snarled.

Rhea huddled behind Jeremy for protection… or so she thought. Being that close to him excited her. The same inclination that had her exposing her neck for Colm had her rubbing her breasts against Jeremy’s broad back while she bunched up his cloak to get it out of the way.

Jeremy stepped away and then faced her. “Rhea?”

She followed him, much happier with the front of him since that meant she could part his cloak. Reaching one hand through the cloak opening, she caressed his hard abs. A pleased purr left her lips. A man who felt this good shouldn’t hide it. She leaned closer to feel more.

“Rhea, what are you doing?”

“You.” She let out a throaty laugh she hadn’t known she was capable of as she slipped past his cloak to hug him. She cupped the bulge in his pants. “I know you want to.”

Release Date: August 23, 2013
Published by: Changeling Press
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