On the Double

Cover - On the Double (Guardian's Tales 4)Title: On the Double
Series: Guardian's Tales #4
Genre: ,

Themes: Interracial BWWM, Shifter, Suspense
Length: 33,214 words / 114 pages

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Roman and Kenz are looking for the woman who will complete their triad. But is Letha the one?

Letha, an African American woman with a troubled past, thinks one man should be more than enough — until she meets two possessive alpha males. Roman, a bird shifter, and Kenz, a snake shifter, are looking for the woman who will complete their triad.

When this threesome comes together, the sheets start to sizzle. Everything should be perfect, but something is preventing them from completing the bond that would make their union permanent. With the full moon approaching, Roman and Kenz have one chance to make Letha theirs — or lose her forever.

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She wound her arms around his shoulders. Reason gave way to want. Intention melted before the heat of reality. She wanted Kenz. Now. Tomorrow. Forever. His kiss cemented that truth in her mind.

“I will turn a hose on you if I have to,” Guardian said in a wry tone.

Kenz growled, a deep rumbling noise that originated in his chest, but pulled himself away and stepped back. His breathing was ragged. His pupils had dilated wide enough to almost turn his tawny amber eyes black.

Letha stood on wobbling legs with her hands clenching and unclenching at her sides. She was two seconds from grabbing Kenz and continuing.

“You can keep denying your reaction based on some misplaced mundane need to be modest or you can give in.” Guardian came around her desk and leaned against it. “I suggest you give in because Roman and Kenz appear very prepared to convince you.”

Both men stepped closer to her, flanking her, cutting off her escape. If she wanted to escape. Being sandwiched between them had her libido doing somersaults. She was seconds from ripping off her clothes.

To date, no man had ever gotten this kind of reaction out of her. Not even close. But two men had. Two men who, according to Guardian, were meant for her. She’d asked for loyalty and devotion. From the way Roman and Kenz stared at her, as if they might devour her any second, these two could give her that. But two…

Letha nodded. “Fine.”


She tore her gaze from Kenz to look at Guardian. “I give in. If you say I need two, I’ll take two.”

“Wise decision. Come this way.” Guardian held out her hand. She nodded when Letha hesitated. “They won’t do anything. Come here.”

Letha didn’t want to leave the heat and desire that seemed to be bouncing back and forth between Roman and Kenz, passing through her, exciting her. She took Guardian’s hand before she grabbed one of the men.

Guardian pulled her into the cool office air, allowing Letha to breathe normally. “There. Now sit, all of you. We have to get some formalities out of the way before I let you go romp.”

Release Date: September 04, 2015
ASIN: B015D9Z27S
Published by: Changeling Press
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