Authors Requesting a Favor

There’s been a lot of drama surrounding Ellora’s Cave (EC) since August 2014, and I will not speak to that. My books were reverted at the cost of my unpaid royalties so I’m out, but there are some authors who are not. Those authors have a request to their readers.

**** Shiloh Walker on Twitter, pointing out her blog post request ****

**** Denise A. Agnew on Twitter ****

**** Lacey Thorn on Facebook ****

**** Titania Ladley on Twitter ****

**** Ann Jacobs on Twitter ****

**** Regina Carlysle on Twitter ****

**** Barbara Huffert on her website ****
Note: As of 10 Dec 2015, the two below screencaps are the front page of her website. Because this is not a blog post or a tweet, this announcement can be removed at any time to make room for other announcements.

Note: This list is not exhaustive by any means. As more requests come my attention, I will update. The screen captures above are linked back to their sources, which are shared on public platforms. The authors did not ask that I compile this list. I’m doing it on my own because I have too much free time on my hands.

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