Anime Review: Dragonaut The Resonance

Dragonaut: The Resonance

Company: Gonzo (Japan), FUNimation (USA)
Episodes: 25
Genre: Shounen, Fantasy/SciFi, Action, Romance
Themes: Dragons, Semi-Mech, T&A, World-Ending Battles
Manga: Not that I found

Basic Premise:
The ISDA is working on the D-Project a means to save Earth from an impending threat known as Thanatos. D-Project has created dragons that are bound to humans and fight alongside them. In order to make these Earth-born dragons stronger, ISDA needs Toa an original dragon from Thanatos. She is the key to stopping Thanatos and the only way to find and control her is to get Jin Kamishina on ISDA’s side. There’s a lot more going on than even Jin knows and the future of the Earth is in his hands.

If you can get past the obscenely large boobs… no really, these things were HUGE. I mean “Blue Eyes” huge (if you don’t know what that is, then keep it that way). The only saving grace was that the women had the hips to match so they weren’t disgustingly thin with huge knockers but those things were too big. It was very distracting in a bad way.

But anyway, back to the review… if you can ignore the large (even a boob man would be put off by those things) breasts of most of the female characters and the transparent plot and the annoying characters (most of them)… if you can ignore all that and make it through all 25 episodes, then you’re about as dumb as I am.

I kept waiting for it to get good. I kept waiting for something to happen that would justify all the crap that came before. I’m still waiting. OMG! I want my life back. That isn’t fair. Even the fan-subbers were glad that it ended and I completely agree with the sentiment they left in the end credits — for once, I wish love had lost the battle.

The title of this anime should have been “Dragonaut: The Angst”. Everyone in the entire series had severe mental issues that they needed therapy for. The only one with justification was the main character, Jin… well Jin and the leader of the D-Project team — both of whom had lost loved ones in a horrific shuttle accident at the beginning of the series.

The whole mental break down of Kazuki (you took my dragon. I’ll kill you) was a complete waste of a plot device and animation cels. They could have axed his character and I wouldn’t have missed him in the least. Every time he appeared I was hoping something would kill him off. He always popped up at the stupidest times to enact his vendetta against Jin. It’s like, gee Kazuki, I’d love to fight with you right now but the Earth is about to be blown up. Maybe we should raincheck this fight for a later date… if we LIVE.

Or a better name would have been “Dragonaut: Finding Out Too Late”. That was a recurring theme throughout the ENTIRE series. Everyone finding out everything too late to actually do anything worth while about it. I can’t go too much into detail without giving away plot to people who may actually decide to watch this (WHY?!!).

The other issue this anime had was too many characters. Waaaaaay too many characters. And what’s worse, half way through the series, the writers decided to give them all backstories that I could have cared less about. I think it was meant to endear us to someone else besides the main characters.

The only thing I found that kept me coming back was the situation between Jin, Toa, and Gio. It looked like they were going to have a nice little threesome thing going. *sigh*

I don’t think I liked anything about this anime, which is saying a lot coming from me. The plot was predictable, the characters were annoying, and over half the battles were superfluous time-wasters. The coolest dragon design was Gio… barely. The stupidest dragon design is a tie between Amadeus and Widow (What the hell was Amadeus supposed to be because a dragon wasn’t it? Maybe a dog?).

If, after reading all of that, you still want to watch it, then have at it. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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