#AmWriting ~ Winged Aliens (ZR)

Yes. Winged aliens, not angels, is the subject of my current WIP. Which I use the word “current” loosely. It started talking to me so I started writing. Whether I put more words on it in the near future is up in the air.

Writing Locale: Office Desk, kneeling chair
Word Count: 2787

The “(ZR)” is just to differentiate because I have a DRB title planned with winged aliens as well. What can I say? When I think up a theme, I like exploring it. Though if this was pertaining to my DRB winged aliens, then this update would be on my DRB site. The ZR winged aliens are in no way shape or form related to the DRB winged aliens. They just both have wings because I like guys with wings. 🙂

I’m not entirely sure if this story will be classified as SciFi/Fantasy with Romantic Elements or SciFi/Fantasy Romance. I do know it has to be listed under Erotic in either case just because the heroine has multiple partners by the end of the story. Yes, I know the end. I know the beginning and most of the middle too. It’s just a matter of writing it, which is pretty much what can be said about a lot of my books.

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