#AmWriting ~ Campus Erotica Halloween Tale

As the hashtag in the subject line says — #AmWriting… or I was writing before I decided to finish migrating the website. I woke up with a scene and needed to get it out so it would leave me alone.

Campus Erotica is the tentative title of a series I’m writing off and on. It makes me pay attention to it from time to time. The story I put words on was the Halloween tale (again, no title yet). I usually figure out titles once I get closer to the finish.

Writing Locale: Office Desk, kneeling chair
Word Count: 3,754 words

I worked on the Halloween story and this constitutes the fifth or sixth time I’ve written this scene/chapter. I keep changing it and tweaking it and re-writing it and I’m hoping this is the last time. The rest of the story will fall in line as soon as I get this first meeting scene out of the way.

~ Zenobia

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