Overcoming the Need

Overcoming the Need by Zenobia Renquist (no longer available)

No Longer Available

Overcoming the Need by Zenobia Renquist (no longer available)

Overcoming the Need

[ Daily Grind, Book 2 ]

Cravings are meant to be satisfied. Naomie plans to go down her list and check off each one.

Naomie has a craving. She wants to deliver her cookies to Dane while he’s at work, shop with Mia to find the perfect outlet store and heat things up poolside with a few close friends. She won’t be satisfied until she goes down her to-do list and checks every box: morning anal, office play, lesbian sex for the camera, see-through swimsuits and an all-male threesome…

Just a typical Friday for an exhibitionist housewife.

Book Info
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Reversion Date: 18 November 2015


Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Interracial Contemporary Erotica, MF, FF, MMM
Ebook ISBN: 9781419991851
Ebook Price: $6.50/US
Ebook Release: 26 March 2014
Length: Novella (35,230 words/75 pages)
Cover Art: Erin Dameron-Hill

Goodreads - Overcoming the Need by Zenobia Renquist

Excerpt for Overcoming the Need

She reached into the car for her purse and the tray of cookies she’d prepared—her other reason for visiting—and then walked to the front entrance. One of the guards saw her coming and rushed to hold open the door for her.

With a smile and a nod, she said, “Thanks.”

“No problem, ma’am.” His gaze slipped down her body in an appreciative manner. “No problem at all.”

Naomie made her way to the metal detector. She still didn’t know what Dane did that warranted the machine. It was the reason she’d opted for a glass plug this morning instead of her usual metal. The first time she’d gone through security with the metal one led to an interesting show for the guards on duty as she removed her stainless steel plug. Said plug was now in her purse waiting to be switched out with the one she wore.

The second security guard, who had stayed near the metal detector, said, “Morning, Mrs. James. How are you today?”

“I’m great, Michael. You?” She held out her purse and the cookies so he could put them on the conveyor belt.

“Perfect now.” Michael had been one of the guards on duty on Naomie’s first visit. The man didn’t hide his slow appreciation of her outfit. “Very nice, as usual.”

“Thank you.” She reached up and flipped the end of her tie. “I thought the tie might be too much. What do you think?”

“Not at all. It’s perfect.”

Behind him, his partner whispered, “Wish I was that tie.”

Naomie was sure he hadn’t meant for her to hear him—or maybe he had—so she pretended she didn’t. She smoothed the tie back into place between her breasts.

Michael asked, “Any metal besides that belt buckle?”

She touched her belt. “Do I need to take it off?”


At the same time, Michael’s partner said, “Yes.”

Michael glared at the man over his shoulder and then faced Naomie. “No, the belt’s fine, Mrs. James. Any other metal or jewelry?”

“Just my wedding ring.” She showed him her left hand and then brushed the tips of her fingers over her left breast. “And my engagement ring.”

“Oh yeah. I remember your engagement ring. Very pretty.” He jerked his chin forward as he licked his lips. “Anything else?”

“No.” Naomie grinned, knowing full well what he was asking about.

“You’re sure?”

“Yup. I put it in my purse this time.”

Michael looked at the screen and then nodded. “So you did. Smart.” He waved to the arch. “Go on through.”

“Thank you.” Naomie went through slowly, waiting for the beep.

The machine didn’t make a peep. Michael and his partner appeared disappointed. She knew why Michael wore the expression. Maybe his partner had hoped for an excuse to strip-search her. That was the reaction she was going for. Naomie bit back the urge to laugh.

Michael said, “You’re all good, Mrs. James.”

“Thanks, Michael.” Naomie gathered her belongings and headed for the elevators.

Behind her Michael said to his partner in a low voice, “First time I met her, she had that metal plug shoved up her ass. Me and Blake got to watch her take it out and put it back.”

“Damn, man. Why couldn’t she do that today?”

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