Filling the Void

Filling the Void by Zenobia Renquist (no longer available)

No Longer Available

Filling the Void by Zenobia Renquist (no longer available)

Filling the Void

[ Daily Grind, Book 1 ]

Missing her morning quickie throws her entire day off balance, but she has friends and neighbors willing to help her fill the void.

Missing her early morning quickie throws Naomie’s entire day off balance. How is a lustful woman in an open marriage supposed to function without sex? Simple. She invites the gardener to do some indoor lawn care. Afterward it’s off to “girl talk” with three of her best friends. The topic under discussion is cheesecake and who can make Naomie come first. But all of that simply fills the void until her husband gets home from work.

That’s when the real fun begins.

Inside Scoop: This scorching-hot erotica features exhibitionism, group sex, lesbian sex, straight sex and more kinks than you can keep track of.

Book Info
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Reversion Date: 18 November 2015


Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Interracial Contemporary Erotica, MF, FFFF
Ebook ISBN: 9781419948237
Ebook Price: $6.50/US
Ebook Release: 25 October 2013
Length: Novella (32,315 words/74 pages)
Cover Art: Willo

Goodreads - Filling the Void by Zenobia Renquist

Excerpt for Filling the Void

Fred was a tactile person. She insisted on hugging and being intimate with those she loved. That usually meant Arisa, except when Naomie was there. Fred treated Naomie as a snuggle buddy whenever they were together. And no matter the place or audience, Fred always had wandering hands. Her favorite resting spots were between Naomie’s legs and cupping her breasts. According to Arisa, Fred did the same with Arisa all the time so she was happy when Naomie visited, granting her a reprieve.

Fred said, “So long as Naomie stays on my lap, I can wait.”

Naomie wiggled her ass on Fred’s thick thighs. “And where else would I want to be? You’re the best seat in the house. My tushy has lots of cushion.”

The woman was padded. Not fat, more like thick and comfortable. With Arisa as a wife, it was a wonder Fred wasn’t bigger. But then Fred said the only time she ate sweets was at the weekly get-together.

Fred tightened her arms again. “Oh, right there, baby doll. You know what momma likes.”

Arisa crossed her arms with a sigh. “I should be jealous, right?”

Mia said, “That is the natural reaction to seeing your wife cuddling up to another woman.”

“Then why am I so turned-on right now?”

Fred grinned. “Because you know what’s coming. But first we have to play like we’re civilized and actually talk to each other and pretend like we aren’t just meeting up for a once-a-week orgy.”

Arisa and Mia asked in unison, “We aren’t?”

Naomie said, “You two are here for the orgy. I’m here for the cheesecake.” She smacked the tabletop. “Let’s do this.”

“That’s what I’m talking about.” Fred beat the table in rhythm. “Cheesecake. Cheesecake. Cheesecake.”

Mia and Naomie joined along, getting louder and banging harder until Arisa yelled, “All right already. Damn, you’re a bunch of greedy bitches. You only love me for my cheesecake.”

“You know I love you for more than that.” Fred wiggled her tongue between the V she created with the two fingers in front of her mouth. “And like Mia, I didn’t get any this morning.”

Arisa leaned over and laid a kiss on Fred’s lips. “Sorry, honey. The shop had a thing. If I hadn’t gone to check on it, I would have had to miss today. So which is worse—missing morning sex or missing this?”

Fred sniffed loud and shrugged in indifference. “Fuck it. I can get morning sex any day of the week but Tuesday is the only time I can watch you eat Naomie’s pussy.”

“That’s what I thought.” Arisa slid the covered tray in the middle of the table over closer to Fred. “And pussy eating is later. Right now is cheesecake. Voilà.” She pulled the top off.

Everyone did the requisite oohs and aahs at the bit-sized cubes of cheesecake—all different flavors. It looked like thirty pieces, maybe more. Every meeting had a different treat courtesy of Arisa. She had them on a rotating schedule and Naomie loved cheesecake week the best.

Arisa presented the tray to Naomie. “For you, my lovely.”

“Thank you.” Naomie reached for a red-and-white-swirled piece. She guessed it was strawberry.

Fred smacked her hand, making her drop the piece. “No, you don’t.”

“But I—” Her protest died as Fred grabbed the piece Naomie had been aiming for. “Fred, I wanted that.”

“So take it.” Fred held it in front of Naomie’s face.

“Ah.” Naomie opened her mouth to receive it but Fred pulled it away. She leaned forward, following Fred’s hand until she caught it, taking the cheesecake and Fred’s fingers into her mouth.

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