Interoffice Relations

Interoffice Relations by Zenobia Renquist
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Interoffice Relations by Zenobia Renquist

Interoffice Relations
[Assistant’s Position 2]


She knows what they want, what they do best, and where to be when the two meet.

Handling Accounting
Rachel is the sacrificial lamb sent to soothe the savage beast that is Gerard Perkins, the head of accounting. All others before her have failed but Rachel is sure she can handle him and have him purring under her touch in no time.

Authorizing Overtime
Rachel isn’t finished with Gerard Perkins. Her division needs overtime and he’s the man to give it. But the return of Gerard’s assistant, a jealous man who doesn’t like to share, might put a damper on things… unless Rachel can engage both in joint negotiations.

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Reversion Date: 04 July 2016


Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary BDSM Erotica, Multiple Partners
Ebook ISBN: 0643402068
Ebook Price: $3.49/US
Ebook Release: 28 June 2013
Length: Novella (8000 words/32 pages)
Cover Art: Marteeka Karland

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“Thank goodness for sequels… Zenobia Renquist should be required to write one of these installments a week… There is everything you could want in this series and cannot wait to see what is in store for Rachel next.”
~ Barb, BadBardsPlace

Excerpt for Interoffice Relations

It was every executive assistant’s dream to become a personal assistant to one of the executives. It didn’t happen often, and the position came with sole ownership. A personal assistant couldn’t be touched without permission from the executive for whom they worked.

Unlike Rachel, who stilled her movements when the rough skin of a man’s hand smoothed over her ass. Phil gathered up his copies and vacated the area. A quick glance around showed the others had found something to busy themselves that kept them from looking Rachel’s way.

The owner of the hand said, “Legs apart.”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Collins.” Now that she heard his voice, she was able to match the hand to its owner. She spread her stance.

“Very nice, Rachel. As always. I was on my way to a demonstration meeting when you caught my eye.” Mr. Collins rubbed his hand back and forth between her pussy lips, stroking her from clit to hole. “To what do I owe this beautiful sight?”

“I upset Mr. Perkins, sir.”

“And how did you do that? It’s not like you to disobey.” He cupped his hand and pulled up. “Bend forward.”

She leaned against the copier with her ass pushed in Mr. Collins direction before she said, “I dripped on some papers for a meeting.”

“It is true. You are a wet one.” He pushed two fingers into her pussy and then spread them wide. “Every morning you soak my hand.”

She didn’t know if he was making a statement or looking for an apology. She decided no reply was the safest bet.

Mr. Collins brought his fingers back together and started twisting them from side to side as he stuffed them into her channel. “I take it Perkins wants you back once you finish these copies?”

“Ye-yes, sir.” Rachel bowed her head and concentrated on keeping still. All she wanted to do was push her hips back against his fingers, driving them deeper until she came.

“Such a pity. You would have been perfect for the demo. Oh, well. Maybe next time.” He pulled his fingers free and patted her ass. “Carry on.”

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