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After Party by Zenobia Renquist

After Party

[ Pre-Game Show 2 ]

The game is over, everyone has left and the house is clean. Tawnie is ready for a good night's sleep, but Hudson is ready for sex. There's no reason they can't both get what they want.

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Publisher: Razor's Edge Press

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

Themes: Sleep Sex

Format: Ebook

Ebook ISBN: 0599701924

Ebook Price: $2.49/US

Pub. Date: 12 October 2012

Word Count: 6500 (24pgs)

Cover Art: Marteeka Karland

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Please enjoy this excerpt:

He picked up her hand and shook it. "Tawnie," he called in a louder voice.

She made a questioning noise but was obviously still asleep.

"Tawnie, I'm going to fuck you in your sleep. Is that okay with you?" When she didn't react, he shook her arm again. "Okay?"

She made an affirmative noise as she yanked on her arm.

Hudson released her. "Good enough for me." She'd said yes. Sure she was asleep, but she'd said yes. That was the excuse he would use if she woke up halfway through. He hoped she did. It would be payback for those times when he'd woken up to her riding his morning wood. Not that he hadn't enjoyed it, but he would have liked it better if he'd been awake for the whole thing. Turnabout was fair play and all that crap.

After stripping out of his shirt and pants, he coaxed Tawnie onto her back. She made some little incoherent sleep noises before she moved. Hudson laid a kiss on her lips. She licked them again. He wiped some precum onto his finger and then smoothed it over her lips, grinning when she licked it up. The second time he did it he left his finger on her lips. She pushed at it with her tongue. When that didn't move it away, she reached up a hand to swat at it. Hudson caught her wrist and held it with his free hand while he edged his finger into her mouth. She actually started sucking it.

"Like that, don't you?" He moved his hand in a slow circle and almost laughed at the way Tawnie moved her head to follow the motion so she wouldn't lose hold of the finger she sucked. She even started sucking harder.

"When you wake up, we're going to have a talk about this little oral fixation of yours. And by talk, I mean you're going to use that hot mouth of yours to get me off." Hudson was finding out more and more new things about his wife and her sexual appetites every day. He was game for almost anything. Tawnie had to know that. Maybe she was being shy or something.

That would explain why she was such a prude about some things, like anal. She always complained whenever Hudson got too frisky and started playing with her ass. But that had to be a case of the lady protesting too much, if tonight's video was any indication.

He pulled his finger free. That got a whimper from Tawnie, who now had her lips parted and waiting. It was so tempting to give her his dick. She was open and begging for it. He bent and gave her his tongue instead. She seemed to enjoy that even more than his finger because she sighed as she licked her tongue over his.

With some reluctance he ended the kiss. Tawnie tried to follow him, but her sleep-self had no strength so she only managed to lift her chin. She whimpered.

"Don't worry, baby. I've got more for you."

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~ Jaquie, SensualReads.com

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